Menu Le Baobab Cuisine

Le Baobab Cuisine offers a taste of gourmet Senegalese cuisine, all prepared on site by Chef Abdoulaye Gaye with fresh vegetable, fish and meat and special African ingredients – from smoked fish to Gombos, peppers and spices. The cuisine of Senegal has been influenced by the many who have touched its shores – French, Portuguese, East Asians, Tuareg – and is shaped by the tradition of its many ethnic groups, such as Wolof, Serer, Peul, as well as of its regions, from the Sahel to Casamance. Senegalese food thus reflects all of these high quality cuisines and traditions, creating a very special and delicate mixing of tastes.

Because Senegal borders the Atlantic Ocean, fish is an important staple. Chicken, lamb, and beef are also used in Senegalese cooking, alongside fresh vegetables, sweet potatos, yam, peanuts and the very special scotch bonnet pepper.


Fataya – Senegalese empanadas (fish, meat) – 5£

Pastel – Crispy dumplings with ragu sauce (vegan, fish, meat) – 5£

Nems – Senegalese spring rolls (vegan, fish) – 5£

Pépessou – Le Baobab special fish soup (fish) – 5£

Sweet potatoes sauteè (vegan) – 5£

Crevettes a la Saint-Louisienne – Shrimps beignets (fish) – 5£

Boulette de Poisson – Herring boulettes (fish) – 5£

Accra – beignets with dry bean flour or shrimps ((vegan, fish) – 5£


Mafe – ground peanut sauce, sweet potatoes, yam, manioc, tomatoes (vegan, nuts) –

Yassa Poulet– Grilled Chicken marinated with lemon, dijon mustard and onion (meat) – 8.50£

Yassa Poisson – Grilled Sea Bream marinated with lemon, dijon, mustard and onion (fish) – 10£

Kaldou – Grilles Sea Bass with gombo, natural palm oil, cherry tomatoes (fish) – 10£

Ragout Senegal – dry beans stew with yam, spring onions, cauliflower and tomatoes (vegan) 7.50£

King Prawns sauteès (fish) – 10.50£

Senegalese Chicken Curry (meat) – 8.50£

Dibi – Grilled Lamb ribs (meat) – 8£

Pêcheur – Atlantic Sea Food (Sea Bass, King Prawns, Clams, Calamari) (fish) – 12£

Soup du Desert – special oxtail soup from the Sahel – 7£

Yam Roast (vegan) – 7£

Cous Cous Vegan (vegan) – 7.50£

Brochettes de Poisson (fish) – 10£

Grilled Sole (fish) – 8.50£

Grilled Turbot (fish) – 12£


Thiebou Djien – Thiof, Gued, carrots, navet (white horseradish), aubergine, cabbage, yam, pumpkin, rice – (fish) – 9.50£

SIDES – 3£


Cous Cous

Oven Potatoes

Fried Sweet Potatoes

Grilled Vegetables


Mixed Salad

Stir Fry Veggie


Mango, Papaya, Melon, Watermelon –

Coco Beignets – 3.50£

Sorbet ice cream: mango, banana, pineapple, coco – 3.50£


Mango, Papaya, Bouye, Guava, Pineapple – 2.50£

Ataya – Mint Tea –

Café Touba – Senegalese aromatic coffee –


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