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Le Baobab Cuisine – first ever restaurant in the UK from Senegal – offers a taste of gourmet Senegalese cuisine, all prepared on site by Chef Abdoulaye Gaye with fresh vegetable, fish and meat and special African ingredients – from gombos to yam, sweet potatos, groundpeanuts and spices. The cuisine of Senegal has been influenced and is shaped by the tradition of its many ethnic groups, such as Wolof, Serer, Peul, as well as of its regions, from the Sahel to Casamance. Senegalese food thus reflects all of these high quality cuisines and traditions, creating a very special and delicate mixing of tastes.

Mafe, Thiebou Djien, Yassa Poulet, Kaldou, Le Pecheur, Yassa Poisson, the Senegalese Chicken Curry, or the King Prawn Sauteé a la Senegalaise… these are just some of the specialties you can find at Le Baobab Cuisine. All food is to be accompanied with white rice, cous cous or green salad. As entrées, Fataya, Pastelles, Boulettes or Crevette a la Saint Louisienne. Veggie gourmet choices are also special on our menu. Ataya, Cfè Touba, Buoy (Baobab’s fruit) and Bissaps end the meal together with fresh fruit and desserts.

Senegal is the country of Teranga, meaning hospitality. It is our pleasure and happiness to welcome you as a guest in our house, as an occasion to cook and serve the best food. it is with this spirit that Le Baobab Cuisine welcomes you!


Veggie – 6£

Fataya – Senegalese empanadas

Pastel – Crispy dumplings with ragu sauce

Avocado a la Vinegrette

Tropical Salad (mango, baby leaf, tomatoes, creole sauce)

Fish – 8 £

Salad Oceane a la Mbouroise (orange, Calamari, Prawns, grapefruit, sauce creole)

Atlantic Soup (King Prawns, Mussles, Calamari)

Boulette Kaolack (Monkfish balls with tomato sauce)

Pépessou – Le Baobab special fish soup (fish)

Crevettes a la Saint-Louisienne – Shrimps beignets (fish)

Fataya Sardine 

Meat – 7 £




Boulette de Viande (Beef balls with tomato sauce)

Soupe de Dèsert (Oxtail/Lamb soup from Sahel)



Mafe – ground peanut sauce, sweet potatoes, yam, manioc, tomatoes (vegan, nuts) – 10£

Ragout Senegal – dry beans stew with yam, spring onions, cauliflower and tomatoes (vegan) 10£

Thieb Veggie12£

Special Plat du Chef Veggie (Mafe, Ragout Senegal, Thieb Veggie) – 14£


Thiebù Djièn (Sea Bass/Bream, Gued, carrots, navet (white horseradish), aubergine, cabbage, yam, pumpkin, gombo)- 15£

Pêcheur – Atlantic Sea Food (Sea Bass, King Prawns, Clams, Calamari) – 14£

Sea Bass / Sea Bream Braisé – Grilled Sea Bass or Sea Bream marinated with lemon, dijon, mustard and onion (fish) – 13£

Kaldou – Grilles Sea Bass with gombo, natural palm oil, cherry tomatoes (fish) – 13£

Grilles Sardines10£

Soupe Kandje (Smoked Macherel, gombo, palm oil Stew) – 12£

Lemon Sole a la Senegalaise15£ 

Special Plat du Chef au Poisson (Lemon Sole or Monkfish, Sea Bass / Sea Bream, King Prawns) – 17£


Lam Ribs Dibi – Grilled Lamb a la Senegalaise – 12£

Yassa Poulet– Grilled Chicken marinated with lemon, dijon mustard and onion – 2£

Senegalese Chicken Curry – 2£

Mafe Chicken12£

Special Plat du Chef Viande (Lamb Dibi, Yassa Poulet / Duck) – 15£

SIDES – 3£


Cous Cous

Sweet Potatoes

Grilled Vegetables


Fresh Mango, Papaya, Pineapple

Chocolat Soufflè

Sorbet ice cream: mango, coconut


Cocktails – 7£

Mojito, Mojito Zen, Mojito Mango, Tropical Mojito, Mojito Bissap

Mango Rum Mint, Passion Vodka Lime, Guava Gin Tonic, Bissap Vodka Tonic

Gin Tonic, Gin Lime, Vodka Tonic, Vodka Lime

Wines – glass 4£, bottle 15£

White > Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Prosecco

Red > Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Cabernet

Beer – 4£ 

Stella, Pilsner, Cider


Mango, Papaya, Guava, Pineapple, Papaya – 2£

Bouye, Bissap – 3£

Ataya – Mint Tea –

Café Touba – Senegalese aromatic coffee –


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