Le Baobab Cuisine is open in Brighton

Started as a Street food in London and Bologna, Le Baobab Cuisine has now opened its first ever restaurant in Brighton. Le Baobab Cuisine offers a taste of gourmet cuisine from Senegal, all prepared on site by Chef Abdoulaye Gaye with fresh vegetable, fish and meat and special African ingredients – from smoked fish to gombos, yam, peppers and spices.

Senegal is the country of Teranga, meaning hospitality. It is our pleasure and happiness to welcome a guest in our house, as an occasion to cook and serve the best food. It is with this spirit that Le Baobab Cuisine welcomes you!

The cuisine of Senegal has been influenced by the many cultures which have touched its shores – French, Portugues, East Indian, Tuareg and is shaped by the tradition of its many ethnic groups, such as Wolof, Serer, Peul, and of its regions – from Sahel to Casamance.

As Senegal borders the Atlantic Ocean, fish is an important element of its cuisine. Chicken, lamb, and beef are also cooked in Senegal, alongside fresh vegetables, sweet potatos, yam, peanuts and the very special scotch bonnet pepper.

Mafe, Yassa Poulet Braisè, Kaldou, Yassa Poisson, Roti Yam, the Senegalese Curry Chicken or the King Prawn sauteè a la Senegalaise…. These are just some of the specialties you can find at Le Baobab Cuisine. On Sundays, our Special Sunday African Roast, the Tiebou Dien. All food is served with white rice, cous cous or green salad. While you wait for your main, we offer you a combination of Fataya, Nems, Pastelles, Boulettes or Crevettes a la Saint Louisienne. Vegan and Veggie gourmet choices are also on our menu.

Le Baobab Cuisine is in 8 Trafalgar Street, North Laines, Brighton BN1 4EQ

Info & bookings: 7761 645804 / 7530 338456 (call us here also for catering and events)
We have a nice selection of wines, beers and tropical cocktails…we just got our licence!!!

Opening times: Tue-Sun: 13.00-15.00-18.00-23.00

http://www.lebaobabcuisine.com – FB: Le Baobab Cuisine

FB; Le Baobab Cuisine

Take Away: Deliveroo 🙂

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