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Le Baobab Cuisine – first ever restaurant in the UK from Senegal – offers a taste of gourmet Senegalese cuisine, all prepared on site by Chef Abdoulaye Gaye with fresh vegetable, fish and meat and special African ingredients – from gombos to uam, sweel potatos, groundpeanuts and spices. The cuisine of Senegal has been influenced and is shaped by the tradition of its many ethnic groups, such as Wolof, Serer, Peul, as well as of its regions, from the Sahel to Casamance. Senegalese food thus reflects all of these high quality cuisines and traditions, creating a very special and delicate mixing of tastes.

Mafe, Thiebou Djien, Yassa Poulet, Kaldou, Le Pecheur, Yassa Poisson, the Senegalese Chicken Curry, or the King Prawn Sauteé a la Senegalaise… these are just some of the specialties you can find at Le Baobab Cuisine. All food is to be accompanied with white…

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